Seated Aerobics classes now running at Parksyde Community Centre

5 x 30 minute training sessions only $100
5 x 45 minute training sessions only $150
I come to you - tailored to you - train with a friend or neighbour for the same price *

Specialising in personal training, group fitness, and practical nutrition advice.
Supporting healthy active ageing, recovery, or living with chronic disease.
In-home personal training, tailored group classes,
one-on-one nutrition and cooking workshops available.

020 4 50 2 100

*payment for the 5 sessions required at/before first exercise session. An additional FREE pre-screening and goal setting session is included before we start.


Personal training can be arranged at your place, whether that be your own home or a retirement village or rest home, in the Rotorua area.
No intimidating gyms, work in your own comfortable surroundings, with all equipment provided.

Personal training isn't necessarily about getting super-fit, for many of my clients it is about rehabilitation, being able to get out and about on their own, and improving everyday life.

Catherine is a REPs registered personal trainer with a special interest in older persons health and chronic conditions.
Exercise programmes will take into account your specific needs and lifestyle and focus on functional exercises to keep you ageing healthily and comfortably.

Training with a friend or neighbour costs the same per session not per person.
Standard pricing for personal training is $30 for a half hour in-home session
or $45 for a 45 minute session (including travel within Rotorua).


Nutrition advice is realistic, cost-conscious, complete and evidence-based.

Practical cooking sessions can be arranged,
either one-on-one in your home or for your community group.

For those navigating changes to their health or medical situations,
such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease or other chronic conditions, Catherine has extensive experience working with special dietary requirements and can help you navigate these changes as simply, affordably and tastily as possible.

Individual or small group cooking sessions are perfect for those new to cooking on their own, or for those just wanting some practical ideas and advice on preparing nutritious meals suitable for their time and budget, and health requirements.

Sessions are tailored to the requirements of the client so please contact us for costs.


Contact Parksyde on 07 3489892 to book.

Classes are designed to stimulate your brain as well as your body,
for the best health outcomes.

All equipment is provided.

It is a requirement that you complete a health screening form and where appropriate have clearance from your medical team to undertake group exercise or personal training. Easier and harder options for exercises will be provided where needed.

If you wish to organise classes specific to your group, organisation, retirement home or club then let us know.


Rediscover Health is run by Catherine Ward, not your average nutrition advisor or personal trainer! I'm approaching my fifties, and live here in Rotorua with my husband and four very cool children. I love food (all of it - fruit, vegetables, cheese and chocolate) and I've lived and experienced being obese. I live in a household with auto-immune disease and this is what led to my interest in nutrition, food, and health and fitness. Whilst living rurally for a few years I spent a fair bit of time hanging out with a group of older clients at our local community gym (and coffee shop!), and thoroughly enjoyed their company - they are the people who inspired Rediscover Health.

Certificate of Personal Training, REPs registered Personal Trainer
Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology from Massey University
(Human Nutrition)